Venetian Blinds

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For the traditional warmth and texture of wood and natural rich colours, Wooden Venetian blinds compliment almost any type of room or home.

Marupa wood (Simarouba amara)

Marupa Wooden Venetian Blinds that are manufactured from high quality Marupa wood. This is an extremely durable and lightweight plantation timber sourced from sustainable plantations.


Cedar Venetian blind slats are made of real Canadian slats. Each blind is UV-coated and carefully selected for grain and colour consistency and ensure a top quality finish. Although lightweight, these blinds offer superior strength and increased resistance to bowing and twisting. Additionally, the blind mechanisms are manufactured with heavy-duty aluminium head rail systems, ensuring further stability and durability.

Wooden Venetians 50mm slat size

Colors :Snow White, Ivory , Honey, Dark Oak, Black

Width X Height:

  • Min – 200mm x 200mm
  • Max -(Timber/PVC)2400mm x 2700 mm
  • Max – (Aluminium) 3000mm x 2700 mm

Slat Sizes:

  • 46 mm, 50mm, 60mm
Wooden Venetian colour samples


50mm PVC Venetian blinds are the perfect, affordable alternative to timber Venetians. Our PVC blinds have the look of traditional wooden blinds but stand up to high moisture environments such as bathrooms and kitchens, they are stable and resistant to high moisture environments and are more resistant to the warping and rotting that can happen to other types of blinds in wet areas.

PVC blinds are also very easy to keep clean as the slats only require a quick wipe down to bring them back to their original shine. PVC has a very long lifetime, up to 50 years with regular cleaning, so you know your PVC Venetian blinds from The Shutter Shack will last the test of time.

Like all the Venetian style blinds privacy is fully adjustable by just tilting the louvres to your desired angle. This allows you to still let light and air flow through but retain a certain level of privacy at the same time.

PVC Venetian blinds also offer fantastic value, being a cheaper choice than the other options available. So if you’re looking for a Venetian blind that will stand up to rugged conditions, are easy to clean and offer great bang for your buck then choose PVC Venetian blinds from The Shutter Shack today.


Snow White , Alabaster (Ivory)

Minimum Width 400mm,
Maximum Width 2980mm

Aluminium & Pvc Blind

The Shutter Shack have a beautiful selection of Aluminium Venetian blinds for you to choose from.

Aluminium can be the smart choice for bathrooms,  kitchens or the laundry where moisture levels can be high. They are naturally resistant to any warping or rotting and can last a lifetime. When it comes to cleaning, they are much like the PVC blinds, in that it’s very easy to bring them back to their original lustre with only a damp cloth and a quick wipe down!

Our Aluminium Venetian blinds offer a great solution for those who wish to easily control light, want visibility and privacy.

The new streamlined slats look beautiful in almost any setting and the great colour selection can help you easily match them into your home.

Width X Height:

  • Min 400mm, Drop 400mm
  • Max 2980mm, Drop 3000mm

Slat sizes:

  • 25mm
Venetian Blinds for a Dining Room
Colour sample for Aluminium Venetian Blinds

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A+++ Mike and his team are amazing! We are so stoked with our new blinds (venetion and roller) - the product and service is really high quality but the price is highly affordable! They helped us decide on the best products for our needs taking into account function and budget and kept us updated the entire time. We just need to paint the remaining window sills so that we can get them back to do the rest of the house! Don't hesitate in contacting them!

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