paulownia plantation shutters

Natural wood grain

"Great all Rounder"

Paulownia Shutters are made using plantation grown Paulownia, which is one of the fastest growing trees on the planet and is considered our “Great All Rounder”.

The wood used to create Paulownia Wooden Shutters is a beautiful warp-resistant, fine-grained type, light in colour, making it perfect for shutters.


Internal Shutters for Nursery

Paulownia Plantation Shutters

Choose from a palette of 8 painted colours, or colour match to your decor. Utilising  mortise and tenon joinery, Paulownia  Shutters feature upgraded mouldings to provide a stunning product throughout.

  • Elliptical blade 63mm, 89mm & 114mm
  • Suitable for wide panel spans
  • Choice of 8 classic colours
  • Custom paint options
  • Increased customisation
  • Two way blade closure
  • Custom shapes available

The Raw Material is Kiln dried to a level best suited to our climate, following which  numerous layers of primer, paint and top coat are applied. The Basswood Shutter panels are reasonably light, they have a solid panel structure and hang true. This is ideal for living areas, as they are good insulators. However they are not water resistant. For moisture resistant shutters, have a look at our PVC Shutter Range.

  • Blades are dual closing

Available in:

  • Hinged Shutters
  • Sliding Shutters
  • Tracked Bi-fold Shutters

Not all shutter products are the same. Neither are the companies that supply them. We’re committed to
sourcing unique and exclusive products. Beyond this, we go that extra mile and test all of our products
beyond normal industry standards to make sure we continue to offer the best quality shutters and provide
you with additional peace of mind.

Product Warranty

15 Year Warranty

This covers the joinery and manufacture of the panel for 15 years.

5 Year Warranty

The painted and stained finishes are covered from cracking, peeling and bubbling for a period of 5 years on the Basswood, Paulownia and PVC Range. The materials used for the manufacture is covered for excessive movement leading to warping, bowing and twisting. Hardware used on the range is also covered for 5 years to be free from defect. Excessive fading and colour variation due to exposure on the finish is also covered

Insulation Properties
Water Tolerance
Sag resistance

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