Marine ClearView Blinds

Navigation Safety

Making Sea navigation safer

Glare off the ocean can become dangerous, especially during the winter months when the sun is much lower, with The Shutter Shacks innovative new product this obstacle can now be eliminated.

Marine ClearView Blinds

Our ClearView Blinds are a solution for use on ships bridges and other sun affected windows. Crews have to cope with both the direct UV rays of the sun and reflection off the water, glare is the primary problem, yet they need to be able to navigate clearly at all times.

Our products are all custom made and we enjoy a challenge, so if you have a unique application requiring a solution please get in touch with us.

Benefits of Marine ClearView Blinds:

  • Improved Visibility & safety by reducing glare off the water by 97%.
  • Reduce reflection off the water by up to 63%.
  • Reduce up to 83% of heat entering cabins and bridges and improve working areas.
  • Reduce solar energy by up to 83%.
  • Reduce UV by up to 99%.
  • Reduce heat loss by up to 45%.

The Shutter Shack is the only available stockists of these amazing blinds in New Zealand and we take this very seriously, by only providing the best quality product money can buy, as well as a 3 year warranty against de-lamination, bubbling and peeling  for your peace of mind!

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Marine ClearView Blinds have proven to be ideal for the marine application and protection of both our skippers who are sailing all day every day as well as their relevant crew. The units are also unique in that they are not easily corrodible within our very corrosion/ vulnerable environment.

Blind suppliers, manufacturer’s are available within New Zealand, but we have to date not found anyone who can manufacture customised individual units suitable for the marine environment at the economical pricing structure as provided by Mike and his team.

Justin Morgan

Group Engineering Manager

sealink travel group

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