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Enerlogic Insulation Window Film

Retro Fit Insulation

With the price of double glazing, the appeal of a retro-fit insulation window film seems to tick all of the boxes when it comes to home comfort.

The Shutter Shack offers a solution to cold, damp or wet windows with Enerlogic Insulation window film, which is a third of the cost of double glazing.

Enerlogic Insulation Window Film

With its low cost, high return technology and reduced annual energy consumption, Enerlogic is way ahead of the field in heat retention and overall energy efficiency.

Enerlogic Window films are a revolutionary glass insulation coating transforming poorly insulated windows into high energy efficient windows. Enerlogic provides thermal performance up to that of double glazing, but at a significantly lower cost to glass replacement.

A non-reflective, spectrally selective light amber coloured film, allowing a high level of natural light to filter through with a Low -E coating. Applied Internally to glass, it deflects solar heat penetration by up to 49% in the summer, whilst retaining generated heat inside by up to 92%.

The Shutter Shack is certified and experienced in all architectural window film applications including residential, commercial and industrial.

The Shutter Shack are certified installers of Enerlogic Window Film and offer a Lifetime Warranty.

We are committed to our customers and maintain a high standard of quality and service, with window film and workmanship being the most important level of quality control.

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