Beautiful and professional solutions


Ziptrak® screens easily maximise your living options by connecting indoor and outdoor environments to make one harmonious room. They also provide seclusion and protection from the elements, while controlling airflow, light and temperature. 

Awning Cover

Extend your living options with easy, functional design. Economic, robust solar protection with generous coverage and architecturally inspired design for a streamlined finish.

Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium Shutters are designed to allow for multiple application types. From the most popular application of “Fixing the shutters in place”  to multi-folding or sliding panels on tracks or to just hinge.  Aluminium Shutters help achieve non-obstructed views while also providing privacy and assist you in optimising your living space.

Insect Screen

Flies, mosquitoes and other insects are a frustrating part of New Zealand’ summer life. But instead of just trying to ignore them, why not deal with them once and for all?

Retractable Insect screens offer a proven and effective way to keep insects at bay, ensuring you remain comfortable and nuisance free inside your own home – and can continue to enjoy the fresh air and amazing view outside.