ClearView Blinds

Innovative Solutions

About ClearView Blinds

ClearView Blinds offers a Blind that is ‘See-Thru’ but offers the following benefits:

  • Save energy and related costs year round and in all climates

  • Reject up to 94% of the total solar energy

  • Reduce up to 98% of eye-straining glare

  • Provide daytime privacy while not only retaining the full view outside, but improving it

  • Block over 99% of the harmful UV rays, protecting both people and interior furnishings

  • Retain as much interior heat in cold weather as an additional pane of glass

  • Improve living and working environmental conditions

Installation process

The ClearView Blind are a combination of a Roller Blind and Window Film, which gives you the freedom to open and close the blind with a ease. The installation process is as simple and noninvasive as installing a simple Roller Blind

Care and Maintenance

The ClearView Blinds need no special care instructions. Simple wipe down with a damp cloth will be sufficient enough.


ClearView Blinds come in a variety of ‘See-Thru’ transparent window shade materials in a number of colors, styles, thicknesses, and darkness levels. 


Light Grey, Grey, Dark Grey, Black.