Revolutionary ClearView Blinds

Residential ClearView Blinds

ClearView Blinds are roller blinds made with special imported material that marry the best of both worlds of Roller Blinds and Window Film to create a wonderful new product that gives you all the benefits of Solar Window Film with the ease and flexibility of Roller Blinds

Commercial ClearView Blinds

Office environments can be made so much more comfortable with our innovative new product ClearView Blinds. Instead of closing the blinds and turning on the lights when your staff are battling with glare on their computers, you can now install ClearView Blinds.

Marine ClearView Blinds

Glare off the ocean can become dangerous, especially during the winter months when the sun is much lower, but with The Shutter Shacks innovative new product this obstacle can now be avoided. ClearView Blinds combines the Glare and UV ray reduction of window film with the convenience of Roller blinds and can be made specifically for each window.

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